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Possible Concern with Saman Cooking Ranges
Posted on Feb 6th, 2011

After this incident on Monday, I turned off all the burners but the burner light remained lit on the range.  I immediately shut off the range at the breaker box.  Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new range yesterday.  The handyman I used to install the range said that the stove was not hooked up properly and no outlet was used but the range had been wired directly into the breaker wires!  Note the wire coming out of the wall that was wired to the range with no range cord!  I also am sending pics of the proper outlet he installed. 
Last year, I had to have the range checked in #701 as the tenants were complaining about getting shocked when using the range.  I used the same handyman who installed my range yesterday, go to inspect the range at that time and found out that the connection issue was the same as was found in mine.  We didn't think much of it at the time and just thought it was an isolated incident in #701 which was causing the tenants to get shocked.  Later while chatting with some tenants in one of the first buildings while I was walking my dogs, she had told me she had the same problem with getting shocked on her range and complained to the owner.  I told another owner today of my problem and she also said she had to replace her range and she had a similar problem with a connection issue. 
I only note this to you all because this sounds like a serious electrical issue that may be common to several units.  Owners should be notified to have this checked.  My handyman says its a fast, easy, and inexpensive fix but it appears that someone at some point, cut some corners.  I am not one to mess with anything electrical at all and thats why I shut my range down at the breaker since Monday.  I checked it on Thursday morning to see if there were any changes to the range and there was not.  The burner lights remained lit when everything was off and three of the burners no longer worked at all.  Hence, my need to replace the range.  The "booms" I heard and saw were quite loud and disturbing.  The fire on the other burner added to my concern.  Just thought someone should be made aware of this as it appears to me that at least four other units had similar issues.